Stella McCartney knock-off tutorial

Today I will show you how I made my knock-off dress.
1. Start by cutting aout the fabric according to the measurments on the picture - these measurements are for a dress for a six-year old. The length of the skirt depends on the length you want. I have made a short version and a long version - the measurements on the picture is for the long version. (I use cm - the measurements are approximately). To cut the arch - follow the directions below. It is about two inch wide. 
Time to start sewing - I started sewing the skirt. I made it so that it only has one sideseam. Sew this and the sideseam for the hem. Then:
Leave the skirt for later. It's time to start on the front piece.
Now it's time to cut the lining - I only have lining in the front.
Time for the back piece. I folded the top of the back piece and sewed my first shirr there.
Attach the straps ion the back piece. Then gather the top of the skirt. Attach the skirt to the top. I used regular thread in the front - and I used elastic on my bobbin - just like when I shirred on the back piece. That way the skirt won't be too tight to put on, but it will stretch just like the top.

Now enjoy your dress.

Enjoy your summer
Be blessed, Tone

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elizabeth sa...

Those dresses are darling!!!

Angie - treasuresfortots@gmail.com sa...

Are you girls twins?! How adorable!! I found your blog from the comment you left on my blog, Treasures for Tots!