Midsummer's night

Tonight it's midsummer's night - in Norway we call it St. Hans - named after St. John actually - even though it doesn't look like it. At St. Hans we barbecue, and if we live by the ocean, we go out in our little boats. We also have big bonfires by the water. 
 We are at my parents house today - it's a little too windy to go out in my dad's boat. We've had a barbecue, ice-cream and a lovely time. Princess isn't feeling too good, but she now wants to go to the beach close to our house to look at the bonfire.

At a small city close to us, they dress up and give the little boats prizes for best "dressed up" boat. I love St. Hans, just because it means that summer is finally here, and i only have one more week of work before my five - 5 that is - weeks of vacation. The girls and I are going to Denmark for a week. We're going to LEGO-land and have lots of fun.

My favorite parts of summer... the sun, lazy days and spending time with Princess and Angel.
have a good Midsummer's night.

Be blessed, Tone

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