Getting back to normal

 Things are getting back to normal, but not the same. We are a changed people after 7:22:2011 - changed, but I think better. The girls and I participated in a torch and rose parade Monday - as a support to all the dead and hurt people. In my city 15 000 people showed up. A distant relative is missing.
I am also proud to be a Norwegian these days - I think my people has dealt with this tragedy in the most wonderful ways - one of the victims of the shooting has said it like this: If one man can accomplish all this with hatred, think about how much we together can accomplish with love.

I know a lot of things have been said on the news around the world - and I have a need to clear some things  - the group of youth gathered at the camp was just a political group - very common in Norway - young people concerned about how Norway is going to be run and how we want to live in our country.

And the terrorist - he was not, is not a Christian fundamentalist. He says himself: I prayed for the the first time in a long time... which fundamentalist doesn't pray?
I made this tunic for myself - I made my own pattern - I'm a big size woman - and I HATE getting my picture taken - I am happy with how this turned out though.

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elizabeth sa...

I am so sorry for your country. What a horrible and senseless act.

Unfortunately here in the US we are a little to used to hearing about "crazies" who do horrible things and hurt or kill lots of people.

I wish we were more like Norway (without the attack.) May all your people be blessed at this time.