Blog sitting at Me Sew Crazy

I am so lucky - I am actually blog sitting at Me Sew Crazy Saturday - (being 6 hours ahead of Eastern time, it's 11.40 pm here now) - while she gets to snuggle her baby. I love her blog - it's has so many wonderful tutorials and she's just such a nice lady. So head on over to Jessica.
I will show you how to make a jeans skirt out of old jeans.
 I love it when I make something for free! (Well, almost free, I did use some thread)
 I've only used old clothes to make these skirts, old jeans full of holes and other clothes.

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

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DJ Rose sa...

I came over from Me Sew Crazy. You have such a cute blog. My first daughter I called our Princess and our second daughter was always my Angel. Your girls are adorable and they are lucky to have you as a mom.