Project Back-to-School clothes

Princess and Angel are starting school August 17th - 1st grade - and as customary they are going to sport some new clothes. I want them to design their own clothes. They have these Top Model books where they can draw clothes on models and I want them to draw their clothes and then I will make them - and I will include you guys in the process!!! Fun?
Yesterday we tried to find some inspiration online - we looked at Pinterest, and found some favorites there and then we went to Chasing Fireflies - oh, joy!!! How I love that site. All these dresses are from Chasing Fireflies - I even love their name. The first dress is my ultimate favorite - I LOVE; LOVE; LOVE IT! I have to make it for them - though they don't want it as their first-day- outfit.
Dress number two they both liked.

 Princess looooves this skirt - and she kind of wanted a skirt with a t-shirt all along - so then this skirt it is - she'll decide on the color. Angel wants to wear a dress. Right now they are sitting down by the table, drawing the t-shirt and the dress. I'll keep you posted on Project Back-to-School clothes and show you pictures of how they want their clothes and how the clothes turn out in the end!!!

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