Project Back-to-School clothes part 2 and guest blogging any?

 Princess' skirt and t-shirt - we went fabric shopping today, and she decided on a red skirt instead of the yellow (I almost did a happy dance...) The skirt will be the plaid bubble skirt from post 1. It's hard to know how persuasive I should be when they are drawing their clothes and deciding on colors - but I figure if they don't turn out nice, I still have time to make some new clothes. Princess found a really nice raspberry red fabric for her skirt and the some jersey for the t-shirt in the same color and green.
This is Angel's dress - I think it is a very grown up dress, specially when the dresses she likes online are all very romantic, flowing dresses, so I have to see how I can make it romantic and not so much a tight, short dress. She bought to fabrics in jersey - because it's so tight, in turquoise and tile. 
I will show you their fabrics tomorrow. I'm thinking I will have a competition or link-up party here on my blog - Kids, design your clothes - where your kids design their clothes and you sew them.
Does anyone want to guest blog for me then? Email: blessbytone@gmail.com

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Zoe sa...

Love the dresses they designed- I will be interested to see how they turn out. This is cool idea and I would love to do it with my kids (once I have some). Maybe I can do this for my niece sooner.