Jeans skirts - tutorial

This is the tutorial I showed over at Me Sew Ceazy last week. Thi nking I should get it on here as well.

Yesterday was such a crazy day for me... I attended my uncle's funeral, he died last week, only 53 years old, after struggling cancer for the past 7 months. I was very sad, and I think we're still a little shocked he is gone.

Later I got some VERY good news. Since I'm a single parent, and have to juggle a full time job, a house, garden and two little girls just starting school, I am having an au pair - like a live-in nanny. She's from the Philipines and her sister has lived here before. Yesterday I was told she got her VISA - yeah!!!! Nor my girls and my house are taken care of. Gotta love it!!!!.

Now for the jean skirt tutorial:
 I love it when I make something for free! (Well, almost free, I did use some thread)
 I've only used old clothes to make these skirts, old jeans full of holes and other clothes.
 Start out with old clothes, one pair of jeans that still fit your child around the waist, some thread and some bias tape.
Step 1: Cut you scraps into squares, make them differnet lengths, but the same heights (I didn't)
Step 2: The old jeans your child still fits, cut off the legs - like shown below. I chose to cut it below the pockets because I know my girls love pockets.
Front view
Back view
Step 3: Sew your squares into two rows. As you can see in the picture above, I used some squares where I kept the sewn hem, some squares without a hem. I'll show you later what I did with the ones without a hem.
Step 4: Sew the two rows together.
Step 5: Sew the sideseam.
Step 6: Attach the skirt to the cut-off pants. Put the "pants" inside the skirt - right sides together. The skirt is wider than the "pants" - wrinkle the skirt to fit the "pants"
Step 7: Sew some colorfull bias tape to the scuares without a hem.
My girl sporting her skirt.
The blue striped fabric is from a pyjamas, and I used the pocket on one of the squares - which was a hit!!!
One of the old girls' jeans had an embroidered flower.
Mh! Wonder if I can take one more step without getting wet?

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