Project Back-to-School clothes part 3 - the fabric

Only today and tomorrow left before I have to go back to work - I really wish I was a stay-at-home mom.... Oh well, my job is pretty cool too, so I really shouldn't be complaining. But a girl can dream, right.?

The fabric on the picture above is for the pink and green - for Princess.
The fabric above is what Angel chose for her dress - I fins it so intense in the colors - so I bought a different fabric - in case she prefer a t-shirt and skirt. I love the darkest colored jersey with the flowery fabric.

This is the fabric for the blue Chasing Fireflies dress - my favorite.

It looks like it might be a little longer before my au pair comes anyway, some papers need to be notarized by the embassy. I can't wait for her to come, but then I have some more time making her room pretty. Today the sun is shining after two days of really down pour - I think we'll be outside a lot. Might or might not start sewing the girls' school clothes...

2 kommentarer:

elizabeth sa...

What do you do for work?

(Besides your mommy work:)....)

liZ evans sa...

I want to see the cute clothes when you are finished.

ps--You told Elizabeth and I you were a teacher---that is an awesome job. Elizabeth used to teach Elementary school and I taught junior high. Now we both teach preschool. So we think teaching is pretty cool to.