Work, work, work and a need for some inspiration

 SSSH!!! I'm sitting at work, trying to prepare the school year, I am a director/ teacher for a highschool for adults. The students will start the 22nd of August, and I'm now sitting here, wanting to be home, sewing my girls their fall wardrobe, starting with their back-to-school clothes. I HAVE to start tonight - my fingers are itching... What so I do, being bored at work, needing some inspiration... I take a "coffee-break" at Pinterest... looking at some inspiration.
 I find clothes I want to make for the girls - there are so many cute clothes out there... I love that light blue skirt.

Chasing Fireflies

 Or cute towels - I NOW they will both love these towels.
And I want to know how this rug is made - I think I have to make this one day, maybe one rainy, cold winter night - since that's where we're heading.
Have a beautiful day, hope to show you some of the school clothes the girls have designed tomorrow.

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Snøstorm sa...

Hei og hopp! Grattis som vinner på bloggen min. :D Hvis du kunne sendt meg adressen din på post (at) snostorm (dot) no, så sender jeg pakke. :)

Anonym sa...

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