Project Back-to-School clothes part 4 - the skirt

So the skirt is done - and I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of Princess wearing it - it will come, with the t-shirt (when it's all done... ) I am SO happy with how the skirt turned out - it's a pleat bubble skirt. I lined it with a thinner fabric, and chose a green - the t-shirt will have the same green color in it. This is Princess' response when she tried it: "I think I will wear this a lot" I guess it's a success.

I've also made som tunics and a pair of bloomers for my self.

The back of the black tunic. i made the patterns my self. The two tunics are pretty much the same, but the black one has a different neckline and sleeves than the pink one. I don't really know what color the pink is, sometimes it looks nude and sometimes it looks pinkish - I'm claiming it's pink. I have to get the rest of the school clothes ready today or tomorrow - they start school on Wednesday, and I have to have time to make or buy something else if they should not like it.... like that will ever happen... picky 6-year olds..

I'm also guest blogging this weekend, and will show you how to make a really beautiful (I think it is) dress for yourself. See you then. - and See Kate Sew has a pleat week this week - goes well with my skirt.

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Zoe sa...

It is a very cute skirt- love the pleats!!!

kate sa...

so cute! i bet your girls love it! thanks for linking up tone!!