First day of school -

Wednesday was the big day the three of us have been waiting for all summer - the very first day of school. The girls had such a good time, Angel came home exclaiming - I made a new friend today. I love their teacher (so far) - I'm a teacher myself, so impressing me is hard, I have a lot of opinions about how school should be. Just saying.
I love this picture of Princess and her friend, holding hands while waiting for their names to be called. Angel was a little more hesitant.
Princess wore her skirt. I made three skirts for Angel - she chose this one, not the one she designed. I made her design into a skirt and top - she likes her skirt, but hates the top. Princess likes both, but daddy came visiting from NY with new t-shirts and they decided to wear those. They're shiny....
It was a rainy, cold morning and they had to wear leggings.
I am getting the tutorial ready for the pleat bubble skirt. Things just kind of pile up when vacation is over and mom is back at work and Princess and Angel started school. Can't wait for my au pair to handle some of the things at home.... Not too long now, I think.
Showing off thier back-packs, they are so proud of them. I am so proud of my little school girls - they come home, eat dinner and then do homework before they head out to play. They love school so far, they are happy, pleasant girls.
I loove making their lunch boxes - yesterday I put a note in their box, with mommy - heart - their name - the first thing Princess told me when I picked them up was thank you for the note - so I had to make another one today. It is a drawing of a butterfly - and you are beautiful written on it.

Today I discovered these - I think I will print some of these - or make similar ones in Norwegian. Then they will now that I think about them when they eat their lunches.

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elizabeth sa...

LOVE that bubble pleated skirt....you really DO need to do a tutorial on it (when you get the time, of course...)

Very cute outfits!

Jill sa...

Hi Tone! I was thinking it felt like forever since I'd seen a post from you, came over and realized it has been forever. Hope you're doing well! Also... I've been meaning to tell you, your guest post on my blog has been in my top 10 most viewed posts of all times! It got featured on a top tutorials for the summer post on a large blog and people are still checking it out. Way to do a beautiful project :)