I'm still alive!!!

I'm still alive - and everything is fine ... and thank you so much Jill, for asking. Makes me happy to know that I'm missed. My girls started school this year, and I just find it to be so much busier than kindergarten - I work full time, then pick the girls up at four - home, make dinner, do homework and then it's almost bed time for the girls... super busy.

All photos found here: http://www.kidstylesource.com/
BUT... my au pair arrived Sunday, and now I don't have to worry too much about house keeping and I might be able to have more dates with the sewing machine. I have some outfits planned for the girls. They have picked out fabric... I can't wait to get started. This weekend I made curtaind for the au pair's room. (I cheated - I made them soooo fast and easy). Hopefully I can get some pictures of them and show you how easy they were. I know some of you are waiting for the pleated bubble skirt - I'm getting to it. I promise.

 I really feel that now that the girls have started school, they are getting a lot bigger - and I need to change their clothes a little - I'm constantly looking for inspiration - I think my BIGGEST inspiration is other people - when I'm out shopping, going for a walk - everywhere I am, I look at other people's clothes for inspiration. But searching the web is fun too - gotta love that Pinterest...
 And while I want my girls to dress older - I also do NOT want them to dress like mini grown ups - they are still girls, only close to seven years old - I need to find something in between the super duper cute dresses made for little girls and the rough and tough fashion for tweens and teenagers - because that's what they are - not little girls anymore, but certainly not very big either.

I guess we will be seeing what the sewing machine will produse... enjoy your day - and I'll try and post more regularly again.

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