Sew-along and naming my projects

 First of all - I love how Jess at Craftiness is not optional names her clothes. And I have decided to do the same - insted of looong crazy names like the pleated bubble skirt or the reversible bubble pillowcase dress.... I mean, c'mon - it's just not working - what names I will come up with.. I guess that depends on the mood I'm in that very day. But since my girl designed this skirt, it will be named after her - the Arielle skirt.
 I know some of you are waiting for a tutorial for this skirt - and I thought I would offer the tutorial as a sew-along - it will be my very first sew-along. I will start next Monday. The sew-along will probably be three days - day 1: cutting the fabrics and making the pleats, day 2: sewing the main skirt, day 3: attaching the lining and the waist.
I hope a lot of you will join me for the Arielle skirt sew-along! Have a beautiful day.

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