Making memories

 The last couple of days it has really hit me that my girls are making their childhood memories NOW - the house we live in is THEIR house, the things we do together are THEIR memories when they are all grown up, the school they go to is THEIR school and THEIR class.

I remember the couch we had in my house when I was little, I remember how it felt against my skin, the bright orange color of the seventies, I remember the car we drove. I remember the wallpaper we had in our kitchen - the brown and orange one. And I remember the wallpaper I had in my room - with dogs on it. I loved that wallpaper.
 When I look through my old clothes or books, I remember a whole lot of nice things, like my favorite terddy bear, my favorite books and my favorite clothes. One of the things I remember the most about my childhood is that my mother ALWAYS had time for me.

And all this makes me want to stop for a second and think about my life a little more. Is it really important how everything looks at home? Will they care how the couch looked, or what color my livingroom was?

I want to create nice memories for the girls. Memories of laughter, playdates with mommy, impulsive travels. All of this is making me consider more what do I really want my girls to remember from their childhood? What is important to ME that THEY remember? I think that they will love our couch and our messed up car when the are adults - just for the fact that it was theirs when they were young.

all the pictures are from Pompdelux.no - a Danish (not very expensive) clothing brand
I don't know about in the rest of the world, but in Norway, I feel a lot of pressure about interior decorating, about clothes, the kids' clothes, car, hair and make up - there are so many EXPENSIVe brand names when it comes to kids' clothes here now - and I'm wondering who is it all for? Am I dressing my child in expensive clothes for the cild's sake or for mine - will they appreciate their expensive clothes when they grow up?

I want to build fun, lasting, loving memories in my children, I want them to remember how much fun WE had, and today I'm surprising them with tickets to the movie theater.

What do you want them to remember?
Happy Friday.

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Anonym sa...

Thank you for this timely reminder. I often get caught up in the "should do's" around the home and lose sight of what's really important.

It's something I recognise and am working daily to improve, but I appreciate the knowledge that I am not alone with this and that it's OK to be a work in progress.

Today we are making memories in the park with my children's cousins.