Getting ready for kcwc

 I'm getting ready for this fall's kcwc - kids clothes week challenge, at Elsie Marley's - I'm so excited this season, I just HAD to make a run to the fabric store today to get ready.
 And thiese are the fabrics I bought - all warm, cozy fabrics for fall and winter. I can't wait to get started. Most of them will turn into long sweaters and dresses - the black ribbed fabric has wool in it and will be leggings.
 Most of the fabrics are some sort of velveteen, one is jeans fabric, one cotton to go with the green velveteen - I'm picturing it as the lining to a hood.
 this year I'm really doing the kcw-challenge - and I'm pinning all kinds of dresses, tunics, skirts and sweatshirts I like over at Pinterest
My girls are very busy today, making memories of long Saturdays filled with playing mommy with the dolls and the neighbor girl. They love playing like this so much - and I know this is one of the things they will think about growing up. Yesterday we went to the movie theater, and I wanted to go to McD afterwards, they didn't have time, they had to go home to play...Gotta love it. 

What's your Saturday looking like?

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liZ evans sa...

Oh what fun fabrics---I love velvateen and it is so warm and comfy for winter. I want to see what you make.