Sew-along update

Sooooo, my sew-along didn't start yesterday, as I told you it would. I'm SO SORRY. I have some excuses, and if you want to hear them, read on, if not, continue to read under the picture. My au pair just started working with us, she is really the sweetest thing ever, but she CLEANS!!!!!! And when I come home from work she wants me to sort through, tidy up all the boxes and bags she has cleaned during the day, so I have actually LESS time after Igot the au pair than before - though I have a lot cleaner and neater house....
She also goes to bed at 9 pm and I can't use my sewing machine, because it is placed in the neighboring room - I'll haveto make a table with wheels...
 The pictures today are pins I've pinned on Pinterest. The striped sweat shirt above, I will make in the blue with white stars for Princess and the red with pink hearts for Angel.
 This one they both just loved, maybe it will be good in a light denim fabric for winter?
 This one will be in the baby blue and dusty pink velveteen fabrics.

And I just had to share this one - genius, right?

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