Ruffled dress tutorial

 Still waiting for the Arielle skirt tutorial? Yeah, I know, I'm bad like that - I don't always deliver like I want to... kids, au pair and life i general get in the way of my plans. But I do have a tutorial for you - my All Ruffly dress. The girls were invited to a birthday party Wednesday, and they were going straight from school, so they "needed" something easy to change into, and not too cold. Princess bought picked out this fabric over a year ago, she loves it. So I kind of decided that it was time to use it. I made the dress in 10-15 minutes inbetween job and the girls' choir practice.
 You need:
a t-shirt
ruffled fabric, length from chest to desired length.

 Cut the t-shirt underneath the sleeves - there has to be something left for seam allowance.
 Put the t-shirt on top of the ruffled fabric, cut a diagonal line from the top of the ruffled fabric out to the edge, on both sides -  the skirt will be a little a-line, but not fully. Sorry, I don't have a picture of this. Sew up the side seams of the skirt - where you cut it. Then attach the skirt to the t-shirt, make a flower of the leftovers from the sides you cut off and voila:
"Are you putting on the internet? Then I have to lift my chin to hide my face a little..."
 The All ruffly dress.

Happy day!

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