31 days of unfinished projects

Bless, by Tone

The Nesting Place is hosting a 31 days of change - and I am joining in on the fun. I only found out about it yesterday, so I haven't had a really good time to figure out what I want to do - I'll be better prepared next year.

I found out through Funky Junk Interiors. She's doing 31 days of blog to biz. And I will read her blog posts carefully.
And I am doing 31 days of unfinished projects.
I am a procrastinator - and I have A LOT of unfinished projects. A teddy bear in need of some mending, some fabric I cut out over a year ago to make something of, a kitchen floor in desperate need of some work. So through these 31 days of unfinished projects, I will finish one project a day - depending on how much time I have that day.

My house and my things will get some tender loving care over the next 31 days. The projects will be things I have started, but not finished or things I have planned, but not yet started.

How much FUN this will be! If you head on over to The Nesting Place, you can join in the fun as well.

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Chef Penny sa...

Lord knows I have a gazillion projects to do. Perhaps I will add this to my list. Hmmm, what to work on first. Thanks for sharing. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm a procrastinator too. :)