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Bless, by Tone

This post was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but my laptop just wouldn't cooperate, now I'm on my work computer - this is working so much better.Let me show you what unfinished projects I have gotten done today - or started.
Angel got a crochet skirt before the summer, Princess' skirt never got finished, so I picked it up again yesterday, I have now started the green stripe, and it will be all done in not long.
When I was doing the season 7 of So you think you're crafty - I bought this cupboard at a second hand store - the chest I found at the dumpster. I've intended to paint these since then - like April some time... Well, yesterday was the perfect day to just get it done. And this is actually two projects in one. I'm about to start painting my kitchen - walls, cabinets and floor, and what better way to check out some colors than by painting these small furnitures.
I have a very dark kitchen, and I want white walls, I think, but I also want some color in there, and hought the cabinets might look really nice in a pale blue. - This is one coat.
Two coats - now I only have the legs left, and I'll get those done today - and now I can take the furnitures into the kitchen and move them around to see how the color acts in my kitchen.
The verdict: though a really nice color, it's a little too cold for the kitchen, but they work well on these small items. Their almost done, I will finish them today, and I'll have some more storage for the girls - the chest and for my craft area - the cabinet.

And I guess I'll write about another project later today - when it is done. Have a beautiful Sunday - the day the Lord rested, so I think I'll do a pleasent project today, something I want to do. Make sure to come back and see what I've done later.

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ok, this is scary for me....so I must follow along. You see, I am the same as you...I think all creative people have crafting ADD...or something! I have about 3 unfinished crochet projects...and that is just the tip my new friend.