Project 2

Bless, by Tone

 Day 2 of the 31 days of change - my unfinished projects... Today I have crochet some - so at elast I haven't put it back down again. I've now done 4 rows of green. It has been raining really hard today, so it was hard for me to get the rest of the painting done - but I WILL NOT PUT IT AWAY. Today I finished another loooong overdue project though - my walk-in closet. I started this last winter. My au-pair has done a lot of work here, but I finished it. The walk-in closet now holds my clothes and the girls' clothes.
 I finished everything that was on the floor, put away all clothes that were too small for the girls and put away the summer clothes - and even though I was able to wear flip flops yesterday for the first time ever in Norway in October... fall has come and we don't need the summer clothes until come May.
 All done....
The summer clothes and the summer shoes are in boxes underneathe the shelves - easy to get out in May. Hurray for me!!! Day to of unfinished projects is done, I'm right now also working on a long overdue project for my job - making the home page for my job... we'll see what project I deside to do tomorrow. It feels so good to have unfinished projects as my focus - I'm getting so much done. I hope this will last...

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