Finishing projects....

Grosgrain has a challenge out - to show what you HAVE made or ARE GOING to make for Christmas presents. I plan to make these things for my friends - a ribbon necklace, a cell phone holder and a basket. I need my Christmas gift making to be quick projects.

 I think I will try to make the cell phone holder for most of the grown ups I'm giving gifts - it's so smart. I will put out a tutorial for my version of it for the 30 days of tutorials.

The girls and I also make gifts for people together, we've made gifts like painting porcelen - when they were almost two, making Christmas tree ornaments two years ago, painting bird feeders and last year I bought fabric markers and white fabric and they drew a table cloth for my mom. I wrote about this here.

This year the girls and I will have an activity calendar, where we each day do something together, making cards, sending presents, baking, making gifts and so on - and you guys will be able to follow along!

This weekend I'm planning on finishing up my kitchen - A LOT!

Here is the button for the 30 days of tutorials - if you want to use it!


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Brooke sa...

I LOVE that necklace... but couldn't imagine paying that much for it! I can't wait to see your version of it!

Brooke sa...

I tried Atkins a few years ago and lost 12 pounds... but I have problems with my blood sugar and I always felt dizzy and light headed on Atkins. It sure works though... good luck!

luvinthemommyhood sa...

Great gift ideas!
And you bet! You can for sure make your own cowl pattern for the KAL. Cannot wait to see it :)