When finished unfinished project become unfinished

I got a package in the mail today - I registered at a book club an got a welcome gift - that's what the pictures are about today - lots of buttons, to creative books, a children's book and two mp4's.
abc about sewing and quilting

Back to my heading - I finished the crochet skirts - both crocheting and fastening the threads. A finished unfinished project. The girls wore them to school yesterday, sorry no picture, and when I came home from work, Angel came running towards me - so happy. Two of the meanest not nicest girls in their class loved their skirts and wanted one for themselves. Angel asked them that if they got skirt, would they promise to act nice to them - which they replied yes, they would. Angel exclaiming to me - school is going to be so good now!

inside the sewing book
And that's the story of how my finished unfinished project became unfinished again- now I have two more skirts to do... if I decide to do them, I don't think the girls deserve them - at least not yet, or what do you think?

Have a beautiful day!

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Oh, this makes me cry. My Son has all the same problems with kids. If you were a "forgiving" person, make the skirts...better yet, have the girls over and see if you can all work together on this. I am not that big of a person!