Day 17 - Inventory

Yesterday I thought I would make inventory - I was just very tired.... but sometimes, when trying to finish all those unfinished projects, it's smart to stop, think and find out what you have accomplished and what you want to accomplish. 

So far I have finished some planned creative projects, I have started preparing all the tutorials for the month of November, I have managed to start a BIG project - my weight (I actually went for a run today), my kitchen is slowly getting done.

What do I have left, that I wanted to have done? 
I want to finish off more tutorials, I have MORE than 30 planned, so I think they will all get done.
My kitchen really needs to get done.
The knitted blanket would be nice to finish - the crochet skirt is done, just need to fasten the loose threads.
My weight loss NEEDS to get done this time!!!!
And finish tidying my house, throw away things and give to second hand stores.
Finish a paper for school, by the 24th.


Now I know where my focus needs to be these two weeks...
I have made priorities - and I can finish a task at a time - or jungle them all up.

And go vote for my label over at CrafterHours.
Have a beautiful day!

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