Day 16, 7, and my head is turning

It's day 16 of the unfinished projects and day 7 of KCWC - and by now I think my head is turning... No, not really, I love sewing for my girls, it makes me happy and gives me extra energy.

The girls had a performance with their choir this morning at church - and I thought this - with KCWC going on and all - was a super opportunity to make them some fall dresses.  They are just some basic peasant dresses, made a little different on the bottom of the skirt.
"Do you want me to show off the pocket?"

One got a ruffle at the bottom and the other got three pleats.

The grey dress looks really good with the vest as well.
"Maybe I could use the thermometer as a phone?"

Today I will do some resting and preparing my diet meals, that way it will be easier to just grab something to eat - other than that I think when my focus is so much on unfinished projects, it's good to have a day in between where I kind of make inventory - have I done the projects that are important, am I done with anything, what's left and so on. Today is rest and inventory day.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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My Crafty Home-Life sa...

This is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen....can't tell if she is happy? I love the dress!