Project 15 - and a hoodie

One more day of my 31 days of unfinished projects is over - and today, I have focused on ME - that's right, myself. I have showed you pictures of myself in the past, and it's no secret that I have a few lot of extra pounds. I've tried diets in the past, but I never really commit to them - this time I want to take a different approach - and I have really prepared myself. Today I went shopping for all the kind of food I can eat! I'm stating Monday - and I will let you know how it goes - I think....

I have also done some sewing - I made a hoodie for day 6 of the KCWC - taken in really bad lighting without a model - I'll have to get better photos tomorrow. It looks really nice, though - and another tutorial is done. (My friend said it looked store bought!)

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