First day of KCWC and project 10

 I cheated - I just have to admit it - I started kcwc Thursday - this week is CRAZY busy, so I needed to get a head start. This was the first Item I made - a pleated balloon skirt - and I have made the tutorial for it - the one you have been waiting for. It's all coming in November - the 30 days of tutorials.
 And what unfinished project did I do today - not much! I guess if I look for something I did - I got an old archive moved from my job to my house - three BIG drawers for my crafty things.

The girls and I spent the entire afternoon with their classmates and their parents at my job, playing together, barbecuing, running around, mingling, getting to know each other - lots of fun, but since I was hosting it - I have been super busy today. And to top it off, angel didn't sleep last night. Mommy, I just can't sleep... she was sent home early from school... 

I think we'll have a good night's sleep tonight - we have tooooo! It's now 10 pm and I'm soon heading to bed - good night y'all.