Project 11 - what project?

Bless, by Tone
Yessterday was super busy - I had half an hour to make dinner - and for us to eat it before we drove off to choir practice - then straight from there to hip hop class - which they DIDN'T like - we won't be going back there.... then home at 7 pm, do homework and then put the girls to bed.
What I'm trying to say, is that sometimes life itself gets in the way of finishing up projects, and you know what, that's ok too.
Today is another super busy day, and will I get anything done today? I think there is one project I have to do - antoher teddy bear elephant with a hole in his leg and a Princess really waiting for her friend...

For KCWC day two I sewed these wool leggings - they aren't complete yet, I want to add cuffs (is that the right name) at the bottom - they will be really nice with a dress or a skirt for winter. Princess tried them on and she think they itch, but that's the wool!! Nice and warm, mmmm
Have a nice day, and if life gets in the way, that's ok.

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