Talk about busy days... 31 days of blogging you said?

 I didn't post anything yesterday...... It was like the most super busiest day EVER. My Angel was sick, my co-worker was sick, i had to be myself and substitute teacher in another class - at the same time... and the day just continued like that - I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, nor did I get a project done, nor any sewing for KCWC.... but I did get to buy a winter coat for Princess, and at the same time giving myself a dilemma. My girls are, as you might know, twins. Angel got her winter coat a week ago - a NorthPeak coat, very sporty looking. Princess got a pretty, black coat. Angel telling me this morning: They are going to think Arielle is prettier than me... Agh, she needs a pretty coat too!!! 
 For day three of KCWC - I cut out fabric for a vest looking like the first picture, a dress like the second and a sweatshirt looking like the one below. Today I am childless, they're sleeping over at their grandma's and I have to sew for day 4 and 5 - looking sooooo forward to some quite time alone with the sewing machine! These items will also turn into tutorials for the 30 days of tutorials in November.

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