tutorial 1 - the pleated balloon skrit

 I know some of you have been asking for a tutorial for this skirt - and I'm happy to say it is finally here! Kicking off my month of tutorials.
 You need: 
1 outer fabric - the whole length of the fabric + the length you want the dress
1 piece of the outer fabric, five inches x a little wider than the waist
1 lining fabric - this might be a knit fabric
1 piece of elastic to go around the waist

Step one - (look at the pictures above) start folding your main fabric into pleats, for the pink I made them rather big, for the jeans I made them smaller - which made for a wider skirt.

Fasten with pins, iron the pleats.

 Step two: sew a seam, 2-3 inches from the top of the skirt down over every single pleat - look at the arrow.
 Step three: Cut the lining - lay your main fabric folded over your lining - the lining should be folded the same way. Cut the same piece.
Step four: Sew both side seams
Step five: Turn skirts right side towards right side, sew the bottoms together.
 Step six: Sew the side seam on the waist piece.
Step seven: sew the waist band onto the skirt, right side towards right side.
Step eight: fold the waist band in half, sew together, make sure to leave an opening for the elastic.
Step nine: pull an elastic through the waist band, sew the elastic ends and sew the hole in the waistband.
And that's all there is to it.
 I used a cotton, contrasting lining - but if I'm going to make another one, I will use a knit lining. The skirt is a little tight because of the lining, but the pleats are so movable they will work perfectly with a knit lining and there will be more room to move.

I hope you enjoyed this first tutorial of 30 tutorials. Stay tuned for the 29 next ones.

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