Advent calendar days

1. make perler snow crystals
2. bake
3 paint t-shirts as gifts
4 Visit old lonely aunt
5 look for old toys to send to poor kids
6 sew hearts
7 write Christmas cards
8 invite someone for a visit
9 make napkin rings with pearls
10 bake Christmas cookies
11 ring on someones doorbell, leave candy and run away
12 Send presents to grandma and Philippines
13. sing Lucia songs for neighbor
14 make Christmas candy
15 make candles
16 watch a movie with mommy and eat ice cream
17 make erasers
18 bake
19 wrap presents and hand out to their friends
20 bake
21. go Christmas shopping for your sister
22 Go to play land
23 decorate for Christmas
24 Candy

If you want to play along with us, this is the over view of our days for the advent calendar. You'll probably need to make an extra day for the 25th, but here in Norway we celebrate Christmas Eve as the big Christmas day.
Pinterest, via Chasing Fireflies

As you can see, there's a variety in making things, baking, spending time together and doing thing for others. There aren't too many days where we go out to others, but the making things days are also mostly for others, making Christmas gifts.

Two more weekends and advent is over us. Time goes by quickly. I'll make a card for each day where I write what we're supposed to do that day. I'll show you when I'm done.

Enjoy your weekend and let the peace settle in your home.

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