Tutorial 18 - how to alter a peasant dress

 Today I want to show you different ways to alter a peasant dress. I'll show you two alternative ways today. These dresses I made in a light corderoy fabric. For the first one, I added three pleats at the bottom of the dress, this one has a tutorial further down.
 For the second one, I added a bigg ruffle at the bottom. I made it an "outside" ruffle - sewn on the outside in stead of on the wrong side. This tutorial shows you how I did that.
For the pleats, just measure where you want the pleats.
Fold the fabric where you want the pleat, make sure it is folded straight all the way around.
Fold it inwards, wrong side against wrong side.
Sew around the edge, about 1/4 inch from the edge.
Make as many pleats as you want.

There are so many alternative ways to change up the peasant dress, a very good beginners pattern!

On another note, I'm very happy it's Friday - I'm truly going to enjoy the weekend and I hope you do the same.

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