Tutorial 4 - a dress or tunic (if you don't have enough fabric like me)

When I won SYTYC season 7 - I won some beautiful fabric. And the dress I'm showing you today is from this prize. I love the fabric, but I only had a yard of it and I wasn't going to order any more overseas fabric. So I just made it work - and used every single inch of that fabric.

You'll need (size 6 years):
At least one yard of the main fabric
fabric for lining - just for the bodice
three inches long elastic
elastic for bobbin
Bodice, size 6, shoulder to skirt - 23 cm, 9 inches
width of the front piece - 36 cm, 14 inches - the back piece also have these measurements
front piece - neck to skirt - 10 cm, 4 inches
back piece, neck to skirt - 15 cm, 6 inches
Cut both main fabric and lining

Skirt: Use the full length of the fabric, cut two pieces x 30 cm, 12 inches
ruffle - use the full length of the fabric, or as much as you can muster from the remains of the fabric x 7,5 cm, 3 inches

  1. Sew the side-seams of both the outer fabric and the lining.
  2. Sew lining onto the outer fabric, right side towards right side, but make sure you begin and stop about 2 inches, five cm before all shoulder straps - consult with picture above.
3. Sew the straps together, right sides together, like shown above. Do this on both lining and main fabric.

4. Pin the remaining holes on each side of the shoulder straps. Sew

5. Sew binding around armholes and neck.
6. Take the ruffle-piece, sew it into a circle. To make it ruffled, fold the top of the ruffle once over, sew with the biggest stitches you have on you sewing machine. Pull the thread carefully until the ruffle fits the skirt.
7. Sew the side seams of the skirt.
8. Sew the ruffle unto the skirt, on the right side of the skirt.
9. Put elastic on your bobbin, unsure how you do it? There are lot's of tutorials gong around, just google it.
10. Sew at least three rows with elastic on top of the skirt.
11. Attach the top to the skirt, right sides together - with elastic on your bobbin - I made my top wide.
12. Place some elastic in the middle of the neck on the front piece. Sew it on while you're pulling it, towards the skirt.
And if you want it even more fancy, fasten a bow on the front ruffle!
And tomorrow there is yet another tutorial waiting.

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Anne Maskell sa...

So sweet! Thanks for the tutorial!