Tutorial 5 - Merry Christmas bunting

Today's tutorial is an easy one - takes a little time, but comes together beautifully. And it can be used for so many things.

Let me proudly present to you - the Merry Christmas bunting:

You'll need:
different colored fabrics - scraps works perfectly for this project
a pair of zig zag scissors

Cut out the letters you need with the zig zag scissors from your different fabrics.
Cut out the letters also in oilcloth.
Sew fabric letter and oilcloth letters together with a straight seam.
Take your binding, fold it and sew along it, placing the letters on top of it, in the right order.

I'm going to use this bunting for my Christmas card shooting. Because my girls are going to hold the bunting, I made two rows instead of one.
This was such a fun project - make sure to come back tomorrow for more tutorials
Today I'll spend some time making more things to present to you guys, spend some time with my girls, remodel my kitchen and visit my parents - busy day!!!

What's planned for your weekend?

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