Tutorial 6 - aged wood memo board

I don't have a sewing project for you guys today - today you'll be bringing out your wood and rope and make an aged wood memo board.
 You'll need:
An aged piece of wood - or
a new piece of wood, vinegar and pot scrub
wood stapler
 2 eye screws
 Above you can see my NEW piece of wood - I like wood when it looks more like drift wood.
I found this link on Pinterest, and decided to have a try at it. I didn't have apple cider vinegar, so I used white wine vinegar, and it worked wonderfully. I put on three coats last night, and this morning my wood looked like the picture below.
 When your wood is your desired color, take some rope, wine it around the board.
 Turn the board over, staple the rope, I used a lot of staples so that over time the rope will stay in it's place.
 Screw in two eye screws on top of the board and bind some rope between them.
And your aged wood memo board is done.
Happy Sunday  another tutorial tomorrow!!

3 kommentarer:

Promosyon sa...

Before two days, I went in our old house and same photographs I seems there. There are so many plants are growing between old furniture. But it is also one of the great beauty of nature.

Anne Maskell sa...

Good idea! I love the look of aged wood!

M. Campbell sa...

Love this technique of aging the wood! I'll have to try it sometime! Found you at Tea Rose Home.