Tutorial 7 - wide kids' pants

A really quick project - I love sewing pants, they are so quick. A few weeks ago my girls asked me to sew velour pants for them - to snuggle in - I used the same "pattern" for those as I did for the once I'm showing you today.
 You'll need:
fabric - the height of the pants
elastic for bobbin
elastic for waist

This time I used a light corduroy fabric - I think they look a little like pj's in the picture.
In Norway this time of year, it's dark from 4 pm to 10 am - I don't have much light and have to make do with what I have.
 Place a pair of pants or leggings your child fits on the folded fabric. The fold is where the outer seams should be - though we're going without that seam.
 Above you can see how much wider I cut the fabric - I could even have gone wider. Also leave some room on top and at the bottom of the pants for hems.
 Sew the inseams of the pants' legs.
 Turn one leg the right way, place it inside the other pant-leg - right side towards right side. Sew the seam from front to back.
Fold down the top - leave room for an elastic - sew around, also leave a hole for threading the elastic.
 Make a hem on the pants - put elastic on your bobbin and sew five rows with elastic at the bottom of the pant-legs. This is so practical in boots-wearing kind of weather - the pants won't take up too much room in the boots and make it bulky.
And your pants are done!
And another tutorial tomorrow...

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