Tutorial 8 - crochet skirt

I can't believe I'm already one week into my 30 days of tutorials - this is a lot of fun - and we will have some visitors!

Today I will show you how to make the crochet skirt that is uber popular in my girl's 1st grade... two girls even promised to be nice to my girls if I would make them skirts.... it's not as serious as it sounds - they're not really mean.

 You will need a thick skein of cotton - in your desired colors.

Size 6 yr:
Row 1:  make 136 ch - fasten the last ch into the first with a sc - single crochet
Row 2 - 3 ch - then one dc - double crochet - in every ch - last one, fasten with a sc
Row 3: 3 ch - then on dc in every dc - and continue until you have 27 rows
Row 28: 3 ch then two dc, one ch, jump a dc - three dc, one ch, jump a dc and so one all the way around.
Row 29: Three ch, then one dc in every dc and in the ch in the row below - you're done.

Chain stitch, double crochet and single crochet - and due come back tomorrow!

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