Tutorial 9 - The bird Bird feeder

Today I had several tutorials I wanted to show you, but really crappy pictures of the finished products. Yesterday I finished another velour dress for one of my daughters and a really cute cowl for the other one, but since it's dark till after 9 am - it's hard to get nice pictures of them.
So I decided to show you something entirely different - but I promise there is a lot in store still for the seamstresses of you and for the knitters.

Today's tutorial is such a nice Christmas gift for anyone who owns a garden - even for the men in you family. The bird bird feeder is also a perfect gift for the children to be involved in - they can decorate the birds.

the black spot is the eye - made by a four year old... cute
You need a piece of wood, some kind of saw to saw the shape, to eye screws and some rope.
 Draw the shape unto a piece of paper, cut out the shape, and transfer it to your piece of wood - I've used rather thick wood - that's just because this is what I had - thinner wood is easier to work with, at least if you want to cut out the middle like in the above picture. 
If you want to put the food in the middle of the bird, use a hole saw to cut out the circle.
 Decorate and varnish it for outdoor use. Add one eye screw on top and one either at the bottom or inside the hole. Put a rope through the top one and hang it in a tree with some food for the birds - perfect for this time of year!
And tomorrow - another tutorial...

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this is so cute
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