Tutorial 11 - cowl/ headband

I'm so happy I had wonderful Jen here yesterday! And I still have three more guests showing up throughout the month.

Angel has gotten herself a new favorite - can I call it clothing? - her new cowl. And she designed it herself. These were her directions: I want it in this pink color, with big red hearts and to keep around the neck one time.

And because I love it when they try to be involved in the designing part of creating, I made it as she desired it to be.

I used one skein of wool for the pink - and I didn't have anything left, so getting two, might be wise. For the red color I just used some left over for another project. Needles, size 4 European size.

I used 100 stitches - it has to be dividable by 20 - I knitted on the round.

Knit about 7 cm, 2,5 inch of straight knitting before you start the pattern. There will be a lot of threads in the back, so I made it double, folding in the top and bottom where the holes are, creating the pointy edge. Sew together the edges in the back.

My daughter loves to wear it as a headband - because of the wool, she says it itches some around her neck, but I'll fix that.

Anyway - this was a big hit with her... and one for the other one is in the making  - matching, but not similar.
And please, do come back tomorrow for another tutorial.
ps, I love comments....


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