Tutorial 20 - my daughter's design skirt

I proudly present to you my daughter's  design - her skirt!
 You need jeans fabric, contrasting fabric and elastic for the waist.
I cut the skirt a-line. The waist is approximately 90 cm/ 35 inc, divided in two - for the front and back pieces. Cut the desired length, and cut it on an angle. The contrasting fabric is the same width as the skirt x 7,5 cm/ 3 inch. The bow is 1,5 m/ almost 5 feet x 30 cm/ 1 foot
 1. Sew the side seams of the skirt.
2. Hem the skirt, I sewed two seams at the bottom.
3. Sew the side seam of the waist band
4. Attach the waist band to the skirt right side towards right side. I use a seam that both sews and tack (right word?) at the same time.
 5. Fold the waist band over and sew a seam around, fastening it. Leave room for pulling the elastic through.
6. Pull the elastic through, fasten and cover the hole.
 7. Sew the side seam of the ribbon.
 8. Turn around, the right way, fold in the ends, I folded it in more at one end than the other, making an angle at the end.
 8. Top stitch around the ribbon
 9. Fasten the ribbon to the skirt. I sewed the back part of the two loops on to the skirt.

After this picture was taken, we shortened the longest ribbon tail some - and ther you have one proud girl!

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Amanda sa...

Very cute! I can't wait until my girls start giving me design ideas! I have identical twins who are 20 months old now :)

Emily sa...

What a cute skirt! I love that your daughter designed it!