Tutorial 21 - H-owl-iday banner

Today I think I have my favorite tutorial so far for you guys - a holiday banner - or h-owl-iday banner...
 Of course you can write whatever you please, but I chose Noel for this tutorial, because I only needed four owls.... They were a lot quicker to put together than I thought, though, so I'll be making up a storm of these as Christmas presents.
 I used linen as my back piece on all the owls. Cut two identical pieces - or 8 if you want four owls. It's basically a square with a triangle on top and rounded corners at the bottom.
 Sew all the way around - right side towards right side.
 Cut a slit in the front piece, going horizontal - turn around.

 Top stitch a patch over the slit.
 Use letter stamps and ink and write what you want
 For the beak, sew with yellow or orange back and forth in a triangle, also fastening the top to the bottom.
 Cut two small circles of white felt, sew them on with some black thread - make sure they're not all the way to the top, you need some room for the rope on top.
 Thread a rope through the owls - in the letters right order....
 and have an owlastic time doing this!
 Aren't they kind of cute?
The sun was shining today, (Sunday - not Monday) and I figured it was time for the Christmas photo shoot - I was going to sew some off white fleece dresses for them, but nope, just didn't make it. It gets dark before I get home from work and we don't know what the weather will be next weekend... 
But with or without the clothes I had intended... we had a lot of fun - and I did get some shots I could use. The pictures are ordered - for half prize off! And all our friends and family will receive the Christmas cards this year as well.
Tomorrow I might have some special guests visiting, if not, the other girl's skirt will be presented.

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Miranda sa...

Very cute!!!


Elle and Lou sa...

Two of my favourite things- owls and banners. Gorgeous!

Kate sa...

<3 this! great job & thanks for sharing.
XO, K of a&a

Kerryanne English sa...

Too cute!

I'd love it if you could share this over on my Simply Christmas Inspiration Party at http://shabbyartboutique.blogspot.com/2011/11/inspiration-friday.html