Tutorial 24 - Googiemomma's s.a.c.

 Yohoo! Today I am so happy to present Shannon from the Googiemomma - we were fellow competitors at the season 7  So You Think You're Crafty. I just love the way she writes and she has so many ideas. When she puts out a new post, you can be sure I'm right over there..
Can you believe she made all these wonderful picnic clothes for all her five kids? She's just wonderful
 Go pay her a visit:
hallo! hey look, i speak norwegian! i'm so happy to be here. i've always wanted to visit norway, so i have to thank tone for inviting me. or, at least inviting my tutorial. tone is awesome--cranking out the projects left and right...i had a blast competing against her in so you think you're crafty. even if she did kick my butt. but i'm not one to hold a grudge, and i'm honored to be here sharing my tutorial today! okay—here it is. a not-so-secret secret amongst most moms (at least all the ones i know): we HATE stuffed animals. kids LOVE stuffed animals. they are purposeless, dust-catching, they take up loads of space and there’s no good way to store them, and if your kids are like mine—they rarely (if ever) play with them—but scream and throw a fit if you try and get rid of them. sometimes i swear these things breed in the night. they’re everywhere—multiplying like rabbits—even despite my best efforts to corral them, sneak them into the trash, and even enact a stuffed animal embargo in this house. then i found this: Oval Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair brilliant. a bean bag chair, minus the beans, plus the animals. so, not technically a bean bag chair. more a stuffed animal chair. GENIUS! thus was born:   IMG_8265_7476 copy it’s fully lined, with a layer of stuffing in between so that even when the kiddos take out some stuffed animals to play with (riiight) it still has some cushioning. and the bottom has a nice big zipper for easy access to all our fuzzy friends. IMG_8266_7477_edited-1 wanna make your own? here’s how i did it! to make things easier to photograph, i made a miniature sized one. the principles are the same, just size it up for real life :) i’m going to give you the basic outline of how i made this, but your exact measurements can vary, so your yardage etc. will also depend on how big you want your bean bag—and how many you want to make—maybe your kids are stuffed-animal-aholics who need like five or six of these babies. i don’t judge. IMG_8211_7496 and  IMG_8212_7497 image  tricky, right? on my final product there was about a three inch difference between the outside and inside pieces. just enough space to get a bit of stuffing in there. now here’s the extra tricky bit. with five sides, our base has to be a pentagon. IMG_8203_7488 what i failed to realize when coming up with this design is that apparently the pentagon is, like, pretty much the hardest shape to draw. ever. (and you thought triangles were hard. amateur.) i googled, i youtubed…i admitted defeat(before i even started) . anyone who’s a regular reader of my blog knows that I DON’T MATH. EVER. PERIOD. so, if you’d like to be better than me: be my guest. get your compass, your ruler, and your extra large bottle of aspirin and head here for instructions on making a Perfect Pentagon. lemme know how that works for ya. i can tell you that the sum of your angles must be 540 degrees. how you get there is your business. but i come from the land of Good Enough (which is across the river of Fudged from the country of Almost, But Not Quite Perfect), and this is how we Good Enoughians roll. let’s face it: it’s a stuffed animal filled bag. does it really have to be mathematically perfect? methinks not. image straighten it out as best you can. channel your inner mathematician. IMG_8202_7487  image image image this is your pattern piece for the bottom. image now let’s put in the zipper! image IMG_8209_7494  IMG_8214_7499 now we turn our attention back to the body of the s.a.c. IMG_8215_7500 IMG_8220_7505 IMG_8217_7502 image we’re on the home stretch now!! it’s time to assemble everything. BUT: somehow i skipped a lot of pictures of this part. sorry! trust me though—it’s not difficult. first, line up your outside beanie (or beanie outside, whichever) with the bottom zipper piece—right sides together, matching seams to pentagon points. sew that up. IMG_8222_7507 now sew your lining to the bottom piece, right sides together. try to follow the same stitching line you made sewing your outsides on to the bottom. because i forgot to take a picture, i made you this handy drawing:  image you’re making a hamburger: top bun=outside meat=zippered bottom piece bottom bun=lining now you have to reach through the hole in the lining, and pull the outside through. at that point the whole thing will now be inside out, so just unzip it and flip it right side out. sew up the hole in your lining. final steps: IMG_8226_7510 IMG_8235_7512 IMG_8260_7471 IMG_8263_7474 i made two of these things. one was big enough to fit all the stuffed animals. i counted 40. no joke. the other got filled with all the dress up clothes: IMG_8267_7478 these things are AMAZING. seriously. i knew i would love them once i got around to making them. IMG_8247_7458 but they’re almost worthy of the term “life-changing”. i don’t completely detest stuffed animals anymore. i may even let my kids get more. nah. but of course, the one the kids like the most? image the tiny one i made as a photo sample. they all fought over it. and i realized as i watched them, with just a touch of irony… i just made them a great little toy to make them play with all     the           stuffed                    animals. image takk for a ha meg! google translate tells me that says "thanks for having me!"...but we all know how reliable those things are :) and i'm so proud of myself...making it the whole way through without a single fjord joke. hehehe

Shannon - you are just the best - I have to make this for my twins - they have enough stuffed animals to make a whole sitting group. Thank you so much!

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