Tutorial 23 - the other girl's skirt

Today I'm showing you my other daughter's skirt - in a lot of ways it follows the tutorial of the first skirt.
 Cut two pieces - a little wider than the waist and angle it outwards- this is a little tighter than the other one. Cut a big heart in a contrasting fabric.
Cut four half circles if you want pockets.
 Attach the heart.
Fasten the pockets like this: sew one half circle onto the side of the front piece - right towards right - and do the same to the back piece. Turn the back piece and the font piece right sides together and leave the pocket hanging out, like on the picture below. Start sewing down the side seam, but instead of going straight, you'll follow the circle of the pocket and then down to the end. Do the same to the other side. Hem and attach the waist band like on the other skirt.

 And my other daughter has something to be proud of!

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