Tutorial 26 - angel wings for the chair

I had something else planned for today, but sitting here by the computer, I suddenly remembered an idea that passed through my head a few days ago, and I had to try. And I think it worked!

 Decorating the Christmas table with angel wings on the chairs! - And wouldn't this just be perfect as seating cards at a girl's birthday? I know I want to do this for my girls 7th party - with names on for each girl! Perfect
 Because they also fit so very well on the back.
 You need:
paper for drawing your pattern

1: draw your pattern - one of the wings
 place the pattern on a folded fabric - cut two
 2: sew on four pieces of ribbon - I use long ones on top and short ones on the bottom - on the second one I'll try to reverse this
 3: put the pieces together - right side towards right - tuck in the ribbon, sew all the way around, leaving a hole for turning and stuffing.
 4: Stuff however thick you want it, top stitch the hole
 5: add some texture by top stitching a pattern on the wings
 I'm really happy with this- I am making one for every chair around my dinner table - and adding the names of my girls and my nieces for the Christmas dinner!
One happy angel gt her wings - happy weekend!

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Pieced Pastimes sa...

Very pretty! Found you via Funky Junk Interior SNS. The funny thing is that I posted about angel wings also, and my link was right next to yours. We must have posted at the same time. Blessings!

Mimi sa...

How fun! I love this idea. Thank you for sharing at Funky Junk SNS :)
awesome post!