Bigger girls clothes

I'm sitting here by the computer, trying to find some inspiration for bigger girls clothes. My girls are turning 7 in two weeks, they are in school, and I feel the need to upgrade their wardrobe a little. I find it really hard to find bigger girls' clothes online. 

And what really are the differences between toddlers and kids?

I think waistline is one difference - bigger girls often have a lower waistline on their dresses than toddlers. Ruffles is another difference. And the prints - bolder and tougher prints on the bigger kids' clothes.

In the near future you'll see a lot of tutorials for bigger girls' clothes here. I want to dress my girls appropriately for their age, but not like mini grown-ups - like so many of the pre-teen clothes are.

If you have bigger girls - well, then you'll find the tutorials here!!! 
Have a good weekend, and if you have any good sites for cool kids' clothes inspiration - let me know!

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chris sa...

I agree, finding cute clothes for older girls is hard. I don't want to dress my daughter like a teenager, she's only 8! One place I've found cute clothes inspiration at is Crazy 8. I love that they aren't too "adult".

Happy New Year!