June-Bug dress remix

wowety wow - I'm so excited, the Project Run-and Play new season got kicked off today, and this time around viewers can join in on the fun. This week's theme is a remix of the June Bug dress, from Craftiness is not Optional!!!

Here is my version:

 I made it into a navy look - it's long enough to be a dress, and short enough to be a tunic with jeggings - perfect for a stylish school girl.
 Here is the original:

 I used silver ribbon - just a little more cool for my almost 7-year old.
 I sewed the flap of the dress behind the front pieces instead of in front of them - made my sleeves longer and added a ruffle. I also made the bodice a little longer than the June-Bug dress.

 Doen't she just look so cute?
And the slanted hat just makes the outfit a little more umph!

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chris sa...

Your sailor version is darling...and the silver ribbon just the right touch!