Cowgirl party

 Yesterday my girls celebrated their 7th birthday with all the girls in their class - 13 girls total. Their actual birthday is today. We had a cowgirl themed party - with pancakes, hamburgers and meat sticks...
 I was away studying the first part of the week - and I hadn't finished their dresses, I took the sewing machine with me to the hotel... a little dedicated! This is how much I finished while away - a vest, two bandannas and half the dress.
 I decorated the table in red and white - polka dots and squares.
 Wrote names on the cups - for later use, I love the little glass decoration animals I foun - though not very cowgirlish...
 I decorated with buntings - four of them and red balloons.
 After food and sharing of presents we went outside to the backyard - (temperatures at freezing point, but sunny) - for shooting..
 gold panning (couldn't use water because of the temperature)

 lasso throwing
 horse shoe throwing
 and the icing on the cake - horseback riding! My cousin - seen in the picture - came with her horse, Mazing - and they got to ride around the backyard.

 All the girls got to take hobo sacks filled with candy and little things with them home.
I am such a blessed mother of these two beautiful girls - Arielle and Ariana - you make my day brighter, you make me laugh and you make my heart overflow with love! I thank God for you two every day - Happy birthday my beautiful, kind, funny, compassionate, smart - LOVING girls - 7 years old today!
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Jill sa...

Wow Tone! That looks like such an incredible birthday party for your girls! They are blessed to have you :)