It's all about the party

The big 7 is in a week - the girls are having their birthday party for their friends next Friday.. less than a week... and I still have to make their dresses. They both want denim dresses, but I don't want them to look the same - so this is what I'll make - and hopefully post tutorials from...

One twin wants a dress like the one above, but sleeves to her elbows.

The other dress I want to make as a mix between the two above - with the top of the first and the skirt of the second. And I don't have much time- leaving Monday for school, until Wednesday evening, then Thursday I'll have to get the cakes ready - one horse cake and one with a man throwing a lasso - their orders....

I been thinking about kids growing up with creative mothers, they're so used to their moms being able to make just about anything, at least my girls do, they kind of just make an order and expect me to deliver - it's not that they're demanding it, not at all, but they just know that it can be done... I guess I should be very pleased they appreciate what I make them.

Now, on to cutting denim dresses!

Update: I totally forgot - and I'm doing faux fur vests to complete the outfits!

Update 2: rereading the text, I realize I make it sound like I don't enjoy making things for them - I do, I love it!!!

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Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE sa...

Haha, I know what you mean! I was telling a friend of mine about how I'd been looking at dresses online and my four year old asked me to buy them for her, I said, "Those are dresses for grown ups" and she said, "But you can cut them and sew them to fit me!"
I thought it was adorable/hilarious that she thought I could just do anything for her... my friend doesn't really sew or anything, and she thought it was funny but that my daughter had high demands. I didn't think so... she knows I that I can do that kind of thing, and doesn't realize that the dresses I was looking at were pricey *shrug* She doesn't get mad if I don't make things for her, she just likes to ask! :)

Jen@thecraftingfiend sa...

I hope my girl still wants me to make her stuff when she turns 7!