Finally Friday on a Saturday

this picture makes me so happy, via pinterest
It's been a busy, busy week - gymnastics, movie theater, dinner at a friends house, sick girl, running out of gas, birthday party, broken car... Yes somethings wrong with my car. On the way to work yesterday I stopped at a store and then it wouldn't start again... I'm blessed with good friends and someone I know remotely drove me to work and then some friends came to pick me up and have a look at the car. Will be trying to locate the spare parts today, and my friend's husband has promised to put it in - blessed!
loving the pastel colors - via pinterest
I'm getting really ready to decorate my house a bit different - when I moved in here, I just painted my living room - need to do something here, but the kitchen, oh, the kitchen. It really needs to get done. I'm so ready!!! Just need to get some paint. I'm really loving this pastel country look - it makes me happy just looking at the pictures - for my kitchen I'll do white walls and a very pale blue cabinets! mmmh, bliss
I love Tilda fabric - via pinterest, via Tildas World
Have you heard of Tilda? I love her style.
cute dolls, my inspiration for the matroyshka pillow - via pinterest
The weekend will be filled with looking for car parts and hopefully some sewing for Project Run and Play audition...

Happy weekend, what are you up to?

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