Birthday presents

 The girls had a birthday party to attend to tonight - last Saturday when I told then we had to go gift shopping, AND I told them it didn't mean they were getting anything from the store... they both told me they wanted me to make something. I think it only was because they couldn't get anything at the toy store... Sneaky little ones.
 From Arielle I made this Matroyshka pillow - the girls painted the face... nuff said about that..
 Instead of the toy store, we went to the fabric store to pick out some fabric for a skirt for the birthday girl.... and the girls. They chose this fabric - very cute. The birthday girl is not very girlish, she's rather tomboyish, so I decided to make a skirt with a little attitude. Mind you, she is a little bigger than my model here.
The skirt is a square, with a hole in the middle - Arielle was so excited when it was finished, telling me she's been wanting one like that for ages...

Well, we've had quite the experience here today, with the car running out of gas on the way to work and the au pair getting off of a bus stop too early. Now I'll only finish a piece for my Project Run and Play audition...

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