Class Teddy - Rols

 Last weekend we had the class teddy - Rols visiting. Last time, when Ariana had him for the weekend, I made him some clothes. Other parents have followed, and he has quite some things now. I really wanted to make him a trailer last time, to travel back and forth to the school in - but I didn't find the time then. This time, I made him a bag, painted it with fabric markers and voila, Rold now has a trailer.
Inside the bag, there are three pockets to carry his stuff. Oh, that's right, I also made him a sleeping bag last time - the girls helped me out with the sleeping bag and they helped me painting this time. When we have Rols visiting, there's a book in which we have to write what he did through out the weekend - I love making up the stories - so this time he had a big teddy bear party, he was a model and an actor - you see, I was teaching Sunday School this Sunday, about Eph 6 and putting on the full armor - and Rols was my knight!

Now Rols is back at school, but he'll travel with some nice wheels next time he's going home to someone's house.

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